Meet our Seachem Brand Ambassadors! Seachem brand ambassadors are individuals passionate about our hobby and avid users of Seachem products. We believe that brand ambassadors are a great way for us to connect with our biggest supporters as well as increase our ability to educate people about proper fish-keeping practices.

Mark Goodwin


Mark is a passionate aquascaper from the UK. His passion for this hobby began when he was a young boy helping his father with his Japanese style ponds caring for his Koi Carp. When he got older, and got his own place and purchased his first aquarium, a 30 gallon (120 liter) tank with a few plants, some tetras, cories, and rasboras. This proved to be a learning experience for Mark since his plants ‘failed miserably’. Determined to one day have a thriving planted tank, Mark began researching and educating himself on the needs and requirements of a planted tank. As he began to educate himself, he drew much of his inspiration from Mr. Takashi Amano’s work. Mark became very attracted to the Zen aspect of aquascaping because of his love for Japanese style gardens, especially that of the rock scapes (iwagumi).

Mark has been using various Seachem products since he began this journey of his. Prime® has been a staple of his since the beginning. His favorite thing about Seachem products is that they are highly concentrated and says that the amount of research that has gone into their design/formulation is ‘second to none’. Currently, Mark is using the full line of Flourish® fertilizers, Aquavitro® tools, and water conditioners and is ‘blown away by the health and growth of the plants”. GeordieScaper hopes to turn this passion into a career where he can travel and visit other stores and aquascapers around the world and says “that’s why my channel is all aimed at ‘sharing my adventures in aquascaping’ and I’m truly honored to be supported by such an amazing company with some of the best products on the market”.

Jess Anderson

Axolotl and Betta breeder/rescuer

Jess has had a love for aquatics since she was young. Her passion for axolotls began in 2012 when she fell in love with them after seeing a post on a website. She began researching them as much as possible and in 2015 finally got one to call her own. About a year went by when she decided she want- ed to start breeding these fascinating animals. She quickly fell in love with the hobby and Anderson Aquatics was born in 2017. She then expanded to rescuing and rehabbing axolotls in 2018.

By the time 2019 came around Jess had begun working at a local pet store and she launched her TikTok under the username stressinabox where her animals caught the attention of over a million people! One of her staple brands through her aquatics journey has always been Seachem! Prime® is one of the few water conditioners that are considered axolotl safe. Quickly she began to use more and more Seachem products in her home and before long it was her go-to brand for just about anything. Jess continues to make content about her animals and everyday life for over 1.4 million viewers online.